Hongkong Hernia Centre

The Hong Kong Hernia CentreHernias are very common and can affect everyone including children. Fortunately, they can be repaired by modern surgery with very little discomfort. Judicious use of new techniques which involve keyhole or laparoscopic surgery mean less pain and earlier return to normal activities and work for most patients.

This has been made possible by the introduction of advanced video imaging with the associated technological development in instruments and bioprosthesis (man-made materials which can be incorporated into the human body). In turn, these have allowed doctors to minimise the surgical trauma for many patients and provide lasting support for the damaged tissues. The advent of laparoscopic techniques has created a surgical renaissance which has improved many aspects of patient care where it is used wisely and applied appropriately.

Hernia centres have been set up in most Western countries, adopting various techniques which reflect the training, expertise and medical resources available. The Hongkong Hernia Centre® (HKHC) has been established for three years. The HKHC reflects this global trend by offering a balanced approach to dealing with hernias in terms of the use of laparoscopic (keyhole) and open surgery repair techniques by surgeons with a specialised interest in hernia repairs.

The HKHC website is a public information resource which provides factual information on the causes, investigations, diagnosis and treatments of the many types of common hernias. Every effort has been made to ensure that the accuracy of the information provided is correct. The information on this web site will be updated periodically as further clinical studies are published. The information provided on this web site is not meant to substitute for a medical consultation with your usual doctor and medical advice should always be sought if you think you may have a hernia.